Express Scripts

The prescription drug plan is administered by Express Scripts.

The ISU prescription drug plan offers a pharmacy program that is administered separately from your medical plan.  There is not a separate premium to pay for prescription coverage. The cost of the health and prescription plans is combined into the health premium. The percent of co-insurance is determined by Express Scripts at the point of sale: either at a participating retail pharmacy or through mail order.

Identification Cards:  you will have a separate prescription benefit card.  Cards will be issued in the contract holder's name and available digitally.  You will receive an email from Express Scripts with a link to register.  Once registered, you can access your digital cards.  Enrolled family members have identical cards.  How to access Member ID cards

Express Scripts
Member Service Phone Number: 800-987-5248
For Refills - Please call the phone number listed on your prescription bottle. If not available, call the member services number.