Disability Accommodations

University Human Resources (UHR) encourages early engagement in requesting accommodations for a disability. Employees and applicants may request accommodation at any time during the application process or course of employment.

Sign Language Interpreting Request

Visit the HR Portal to request a sign language interpreter for ISU employees. Requests MUST be made at least three business days in advance of the need for an interpreter. If changes are needed to an existing request, please contact isu@vancro.com or interpretingservices@vancro.com   

    Request for Accommodations

    All employees may seek additional assistance from University Human Resources. Employees should take the following steps in order to initiate their request:

    1. Complete the Disability Accommodation Request (DAR) form
    2. Submit the completed DAR form to your supervisor
    3. Complete the Documentation of Disability form in conjunction with your physician or health care provider
      • You complete Section 1
      • Your physician or health care provider completes Section 2
      • Note: provide a copy of your job description to your provider
    4. Submit the completed Documentation of Disability form to University Human Resources at 3810 Beardshear Hall or via fax at 515-294-1702

    Eligibility Decision

    UHR Employee/Labor Relations will decide if you are eligible for workspace accommodation. Individual requests may not necessarily be granted if there are alternate means of achieving the same result. You must communicate with university personnel to identify reasonable, effective accommodations.

    If you are eligible, an ADA Specialist and your supervisor will meet to discuss possible accommodations.

    Appeals regarding accommodation requests or accommodation decisions may be submitted to the Office of Equal Opportunity.

    Religious Accommodations

    Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity for requests for religious accommodation at 515-294-7612 or eooffice@iastate.edu

    Ergonomic Accommodations

    Inquiries regarding ergonomic accommodations may be directed to Environmental Health & Safety