The Employee and Labor Relations (ER/LR) Office assists with individual questions, conflicts, and issues that arise in the workplace. We work closely with administrators, managers, and human resource professionals to understand the unique needs and objectives of the colleges and units served. ER/LR staff advise and interpret policies, procedures, labor contracts, and key federal and state regulations, and may be involved in advising both the employee and management.

Performance Management

The purpose of Performance Management is to help the employee be successful in their position. When an employee fails to meet the expectations that have been outlined, it is important that management progressively counsel the employee to help them meet the outlined expectations. It is recommended that management begin with non-disciplinary measures by counseling employees when a pattern of poor performance or behavior is observed. 

UHR Employee and Labor Relations staff, along with your HR Delivery Team, are available to consult with you regarding the appropriate steps to take when addressing employee performance issues and any questions you may have. UHR may be involved in advising both the employee and management in the performance management process, including performance reviews, performance improvement plans, summary dismissal, and non-disciplinary actions. As a best practice, an employee should, at a minimum, receive an annual review of their performance. 

Information and Resources

Additional employee management information and resources can be found in the HR Portal.

Performance Improvement Plans

Performance Improvement Plans are often used to monitor a staff member's performance toward the expectations of the position requirements. 

Summary Dismissal

The P&S Summary Dismissal policy allows a supervisor to engage and implement involuntary termination proceedings when appropriate, while also assuring due process for the employee. For behaviors or performance that are more severe in nature but do not reach Summary Dismissal criteria, it may be necessary to issue an employee a written reprimand or unpaid suspension. ER/LR should be consulted before any such action is taken. 

Merit Employee Disciplinary Action

The process for taking disciplinary action for Merit Staff members is outlined in the Regent Merit System Rules. It typically follows a progressive path such as Written Warning followed by Unpaid Suspensions that increase in days before reaching termination.