Before your first day...

  • Getting Started

    Wherever you are joining Iowa State University, we look forward to welcoming you to the Iowa State community.

    Get started today by viewing the linked high-level instructional Onboarding course. When prompted for a password, please enter: ISU2023!

    This course will guide you through your first set of onboarding steps, such as setting up your access to Iowa State systems and completing new hire tasks in Workday.

New Employee Benefits

After your first day...

  • WD

    University Orientation in Workday Learning

    New hires at Iowa State will be invited to participate in a University Orientation learning campaign, housed within Workday Learning. 

    Upon logging into Workday, you will have a variety of onboarding tasks to complete. Included within those is a task to complete your applicable University Orientation learning campaign. 

    Our on-demand learning campaigns use various modes of delivery and includes various learning modules. Each of the modules cover a variety of policies and legal requirements that all new hires, faculty, and staff should be aware of. Additional resources are also covered that are available to Iowa State employees.