The prescription drug plan is administered by Express Scripts or Humana, if Medicare eligible

The ISU prescription drug plan offers a pharmacy program that is administered separately from your medical plan.  There is not a separate premium to pay for prescription coverage. The cost of the health and prescription plans is combined into the health premium. The percent of co-insurance is determined by Express Scripts or Humana at the point of sale: either at a participating retail pharmacy or through mail order.

Identification Cards:  you will have a separate prescription benefit card.  Cards will be issued in the contract holder's name and mailed to your U.S. home address.  Enrolled family members have identical cards. 

Express Scripts
Member Service Phone Number: 800-987-5248
For Refills - Please call the phone number listed on your prescription bottle. If not available, call the member services number.

Express Scripts Home Delivery  (PDF)

Member Service Phone Number - see back of Humana Membership card
Mail order through Humana

Value Added Items and Services  (PDF)- Guide to Humana member discounts and services